Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing tools

The history of social media marketing tools is very long as river Nile, and more fascinating. I just love to share some piece of information which I found interesting and it’s great to know about the days without internet or television and I was very excited about how a business man at those periods marketed their products?  So I geeked out, consequently here where I end up.

Before 1900, an era without internet, television or radios where people rely on their own strategies like word of mouth, influencers marketing or recommendations to market their product since there is only a small batch of production.

The Early 1990s paved the way for internet to rule the world. A smarter marketing idea born in this decade known as SEO (search engine optimization) which used to rank the product or service in Google or Yahoos result page.

Another huge milestone comes in the millennium, widely known as Social Media marketing born in the decade 2000.Then the Marketers are in the position to use different strategies and ready to leverage the social media to sustain in dog-eat-dog world. This exciting and interacting tool became a boon to all sort of business to promote and sell their product and to get a good reach to their audience or customers.

Starting our own business and getting good ROI is obviously a foremost aim of any business. It’s better to act according to the proverb “Look before you leap”. My humble request to all beginners in marketing is, Give priority to most popular social media platforms .Once your pocket is filled, then do some investment in testing at other new platforms sprouting regularly.

6 most popular and authentic platforms used widely throughout the world

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Pinterest
  7. Snapchat

Let’s get deep into these platforms furtively; these advantageous tools constantly increase your sales and explore more customers in no time moreover it’s very cost-effective.


Instagram drives in more traffic within a specific time, where customers buys your product on seeing ads and start following you, can buy from you at regular basis. This is the very effective way of lead generation.

UGC(User Generated content)

Most of the Brand advertiser is lucrative with user generated content which you could repost or reuse with their permission to promote their product, the consumers or users will act as a brand advertiser as well without any cost.

For instance, If  you’re into a ecommerce business, the consumer buying a salwar from you and updating an image of them in that suit and using your hash tag  is what exactly the user generated content.73% of brand advertiser benefits from this Marvelous Campaign. Never forget to give reason for who involved in this campaign and try to merge with some socialist or welfare society groups for more branding and to create a good impression to your customers.

Before diving into any campaigns, confirm with the goal driven strategy. If you are not aware of target audience then you could probably waste your money and time.

 I am here, breakdown the entire process into four strategically divided rules.

  1. Target
  2. Tactics
  3. Timeline
  4. Total spend

In the nutshell, first check what you hope to accomplish in instagram campaign and make hash tag or run campaigns or other options that work best for your target. Secondly, once you fix the target audience it’s time to use some techniques like influencer marketing, contests and running campaign with other companies which are best to get complement for your own product. Final and last most important is to fix approximate timing for the particular campaign and design sample budget layout to avoid shock after getting bills

Social Media Marketing Tools

Don’t Spam your followers

It is profitable to post once a day and don’t spam your followers with more than two posts per day. The defined rule in instagram is not to put more than 7 posts per week or multiple posts per day which is actually not known by most users.

How to bring Best Brand awareness in easy steps?

Consistent way of posting is the key to success in social media. Intense care for business account would avoid bad rap since it reflects all about you and your business. Here, you can’t post beautiful, funny or the topic you interested unlike personal account. It is mandatory to post only the images or videos related to your business but it shouldn’t be boring, after all we are trying to attract customers or audience.


Pick the right Hash tag

You ought to select the perfect hash tag related your brand or business to aggregate your profit and to expand your audience. The novice will always miss to choose a right hash tag because of the ignorant.

 To make you understand better it is the word prefixed with the # symbol. e.g., #digitalmarketing   #Bostonstrong etc.,

The right Hash Tag possibly achieved through following methods

  1. Influencers:

Do some research to find good influencers having more followers? By examining those you could get handful knowledge that guides you to plump for hash tags. Identify the most relevant hash tag and use it in your posts.

  1. Utilize auto updated Trendy hash tags:

All social media platforms usually display the list of trending hash tags. It is worth to check out that list since those are already reached the millions. You shouldn’t use irrelevant tags only for its fame you must check whether it is appropriate for your business or brand.

  1. Few hash tag Management Tools:

There are so many Hash tags available. It might be the heck task to incorporate one to your business. Here are some top tools that help you to sort out these issues.

  • Hash Tag generator : (ToolHashtagify)

 You can find the optimal Hash Tag using this generator by just typing your desired word it display the information about the popular tags, best influencers and tags trendy till time.

  • Hash Tag Aggregators: (Tool- Juicer)

Once you found the right hash tag then it’s time to incorporate it into your website using the hash tag aggregator. This enhances your insight by showing them your social activity and the user generated content from fans and hash tags.

  • Hash Tag Analytics: (Tool- Keyhole)

As the name specifies, it analyze the type of posts, measures the reach, devices, users, and in-depth analytics and tracking also can be done through the analytical tools.

More than 800 million people using instagram every month and 500 million login every day. This is the great network to engage with the people as much as possible, why because 80% of the users following at least a single business.

  1. Visual Content:

 The images and videos posted related to your business stimulate your customers to buy your product. But it doesn’t mean that posting images and videos make your day productive.

Instagram stories is another added benefits to notify your consumers with up to the minute products and can visualize the drastic transition of your business from the base that might get inspired by lot of the users and can gain engagement. At the same time running the instagram story ads let you add links and product tags so that they get all details instantly. This is why it acts as a hot spot for brand advertisers and for ecommerce business.


This social media marketing tools offers you to build relationship with your family and friends and also it has a power to find communities and grow your business. This is absolutely best for small and growing business to promote their products or brand and can also sell their products which have vast benefits in it because of its vast range of user all over the world merely in billions.

There are collections of social media marketing tools available in Facebook mostly at free cost.


You can create your own pages here and can add any number of details related to the page you created. It can be any page like social activity page, general information page or related to your business. In this you can upload photos, videos, events or any products and create post as per your wish.

To make it visible world-wide, you should promote your page which could do at affordable cost which is not more than hundreds. Feed your page with more effective information that should positively impact your growth.

Frequent updates and good content takes you to the next level. Facebook ,one among the best social media marketing tool ,Play crucial role in social media marketing. If you are the employer, then this platform helps you to post job vacancy and it’s easy to reach more job seekers using Facebook than other platforms.


This cost free chatting options giving more cheer to people to engage themselves their own communities, families and friends. The most common and fascinating options like create room, location sharing to easy meet up with friends and can share videos, pictures or audio easily in just one click.

You could have provided with messenger link in your pages, Messenger codes for scanning or messenger greetings to create customizable notes that appear before business can send message.


This is another free tool to bring life to your ads in mobile by offering full screen. It enables advertiser to deliver immersive and elegant ads thereby eliminating the process of clicking out of the app to access the mobile content. This is the very new mobile specific ad format.


Facebook’s specific slideshow ad that you can make within Ads Manager or Power Editor and Facebook slideshow ads are very straightforward. You simply select up to 10 images, you tell Facebook how long you want each image to show within your slideshow. And then you just add some music from one of the preset little theme tunes that Facebook has available. Now your slideshow will be ready to go in a little video format. And when this ad appears in your audience’s newsfeed, the slideshow will automatically begin to play, on silent, just as it would if you were running a video ad. So that’s what slideshow ads are. But the question is, should you be using them? Well, from the testing that we’ve done, we’ve found that slideshow ads are great for a lot of service-based business, particularly where you want to show off a portfolio. If you want to show off previous work, a slideshow can be a great way to do that. So if you’re a designer of some sort, or an artist, where you know that your previous work, your portfolio, is going to help you win new business.

Video Views

Host some videos ads to make more involvement from people to your products by creating a video featured your business or product by just clicking “get video views” and can select thumbnail for the ad which people will see before playing your video.

Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel is the analytical tool to measure the effectiveness of the ads and predict the response of the people by analyzing the visitors’ quantity to your website and can contact to those customer who approach your website using future Facebook ads.

Dynamic Ad

To get into the dynamic ads you should have product catalog, Business Manager Account and Facebook pixel implemented. This is actually used to promote relevant products to the customers who already browsed your website.

Lead Ads

Let’s free two birds with one key. You’re gifted with two benefits in one platform which is more similar to this proverb. Here in Facebook, you will promote your business and at the same time you’ll get back leads by creating contact forms which is the very safe way of sign in to business to receive information like news feeds, offers and quotes.

Social media marketing tools

Carousel ads

This carousel ad format is available in all audience networks, instagram, Messenger where you can add up to ten images or videos within a single ad frame with its own link. Feature a different product in each carousel card that links to its own landing page. You can use carousel card to view different angles of the single product. The compelling product and description of each card pull more viewers to the ads.

Business Manage Accounts

To run a flawless business marketing campaigns you should sign up to the business account in Facebook which is also necessary to maintain your pages and ad campaigns. You can provide permission to access business manager account to the people working together, it might be the role based access to add accounts, pages and other that your business manages. You can also easily supervise who is working on what.

Audience Network

This is especially to monetize with the user experience in mind. There is a basic formula to calculate the total yield of publisher on audience network.

Impressions -> This are the total number of times the ad is seen.

Ecpm -> effective cost per thousand impressions

Ecpm x impressions = Revenue

Using this Audience network, your app shows quality ads from Facebook advertisers which will be more relevant to your users so you will get more clicks, sign ups and purchases, eventually getting more revenue.

I hope you found more useful and attractive feature of Facebook to grow your business gradually and earn profitable amount so make use of this wonderful platform which is meant for both entertainment and for business.


When it comes to twitter marketing, first and foremost thing is about its users. It has three hundred and eighty three million monthly users and 500 million tweets are being sent out per day 54% of the people prefer brands that are on Twitter so let’s look at this.

If you want my personal opinion on social media platforms and where Twitter kind of ranks compared to other social media platforms really its Facebook, Instagram ,snap chat. In  Twitter , small business or local that you are going to take  gets popularity as far as usefulness so just keep that in mind again Twitter is not too useful for a ton of businesses but it is not dead and it’s for a specific reason it is still useful for specific industries and the reason why is actually still pretty prominent is because it’s a place for news what you don’t realize is that social and public figures out there actually use this to communicate their thoughts feelings emotions about a specific event about a specific trend or hash tag so you have to understand again how the platform is used and who it’s used by.

 Why the platform is really important?  Another reason is it’s still great in social media, because it gives a way to kind of humanize a brand. Don’t look at Twitter as an account that you would use to post business information if you want to see something useful or something that’s been done right look at how Wendy’s actually use their Twitter account and how McDonald’s actually has used their Twitter account in the past to leave funny remarks and comments to people as a matter of fact twenty four point six percent of Twitter accounts are actually reported as journalists accounts so it’s showing you that it really is a voice for the media.

Twitter Analytical tool

In Twitter advertising some of the analytical tools are available of course the Twitter analytics, it is an inbuilt analytical tool that Twitter offers for free is available on Twitter for us in all the accounts that we create it is an extremely important tool that you need to use extensively and regularly to make sure your campaign or your social media campaign on Twitter is doing very well so that you can take in informed decisions.

Leading Dashboard

Hoot Suit

Unite your social media campaigns in one platform. This serves you from branding to customer care that is not just for Twitter but also on the rest of the social media platforms such as Facebook and others. Hoot suit is a very good tool extensively used by major companies from all around the world.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Management tools


One solution for all our social media marketing, it is a very good tool where you can actually manage the entire performance of the Twitter the Facebook LinkedIn and other social media platforms it is an extensible tool that every social media campaign manager and our company should have. It allows us to find right balance between paid social media strategy and organic content. It provides us not only the analytical reports but also offers lot of publishing options. Moreover we end up with pretty good ROI.


 This is one of the best social media management tool with which you can monitor and listen the social media conversations and reply to all mentions from a single dashboard.

It will also provide ready to present analytical reports and build and schedule the custom reports. Using this management tool you would able to create your own post and schedule those to post later. This will post those at a time specified by you and saving the tons of time and effort.

There is a Crowdfire chrome extension which works well in sharing your favorite pages to all your social media accounts within just 2 clicks.

Manage your multiple clients without headache using Crowdfire profile.

To summarize, I could say twitter is also one of the best social media marketing tools which boost your website SEO, can get instant feedback about your products or services and Drive website traffic.


Your marketing strategy going to reach a great height using this most reliable and profitable social media marketing tool since online video growing exponentially and moreover YouTube is the 3rd most visited website and 2nd largest search engine worldwide.

Magnifying Features of YouTube:

  1. Utilize the Horde of traffic
  2. Market in YouTube, get found on Google!
  3. Contents remains forever
  4. Reach worldwide
  5. Use ad words for video
  6. Create Email List
  7. Get Money from Ad sense

Let’s dive deep into these Features.

Horde of traffic

This powerful video-streaming platform assure you the horde of audience or customers unless you fail to entertain, feed knowledge or bring in solution for their problem with the video content. According to the former specification their users are countless so make it more effective with your compelling content, images and videos.

Market in YouTube, get found in Google!

The search for images, videos, news, books and other searches are blend together in Google’s search results due to universal Google search. This shows that video is also equally important as text-only pages.

Utilize this vast technology by writing good high quality content in your sites and upload videos related to your content in YouTube, by doing this you will get backlinks and found in Google’s search result page.

Content remains forever

Once you created a video content purposely to deliver a single idea, you can easily repurpose it in different formats like

  1. Podcasts
  2. Info graphics
  3. Presentations
  4. Video series

            Without spending lot of time and investing in high tech equipment.

Social media marketing tools

Reach Worldwide

 Whenever we feel bore to read articles or to glance at our favorite result page, we suddenly switch over to the YouTube where we found lot of interesting and learning videos that we always prefer to listen to something we admire.

 YouTube Terse the idea and will fit for our mercurial mind, this characteristic nature makes it more flexible to reach worldwide. The video with perfect caption score 4% more than the videos without captions.

Use Ad words

Ad words for videos allow you to display ads after, during or before on YouTube or else on YouTube search results. Use Demographic targeting to reach more audience. This ad word only charge you for engaged views i.e., If viewers watch your video at least for 30 seconds. No payment if they skipped your video.

If the viewers watch your ad video, then go to your channel to watch more, obviously you will yield more fans or followers and also there is more chance to subscribe your channel after watching 2 to 4 videos in your channel.

Create Email List

This is possible by using lead magnet; it is actually free form of gathering information to generate leads. In YouTube, it has been used wisely here, by bidding your viewers to subscribe to the channel with their email id or allowing access to any link, pdf format of related content in the description box through filing their information makes you to save their information and can reach them easily to promote your business.

Get Money from Ad sense

Ad sense is the most popular program specializing in creating and placing responsive ads in blogs and websites. Google usually prefer to display the ads related to the page content. Many websites use Ad sense to make revenue from their web content. This is the popular advertising network. This is particularly famous among small websites, who gain revenue through these ads since they don’t have other major sources or resources for revenue.

If the viewers see your video ads play in another videos and clicks on it. then you will get paid for it, this is how it actually works. This shows that you can gain in using ad words campaign and ad sense to earn money and at the same time can reach more and more crowd.

In this social media marketing tool, your audience can also promote your business and buy from you. This is possible by building trust with your buyers. You could request them to create a video to tell about how satisfied they are with your product or services. Adding this video in your websites landing page or in your channel might bring more craze for your products or services. Hold tight this wonderful social media marketing tool named “YouTube” to get succeed.


LinkedIn platform is well and good for all sorts of business as it is the base station of experts and professionals belonging to different field. This is the knowledge point where you will feed with up to date news and other inventions, job offers by the authorized people.

Most of the users are CEOs, CFOs and Business magnets from all over the world. You would get surprised to connect with these people in easy steps. This is the most powerful platforms with 675+ millions users which is the double of US population now you realize how great it is to use to promote your business.

LinkedIn Demographics

Use this demographic strategy to break down your search into different sections with ages, genders, location, income, educations to set your branding powerful and interactive and to craft separate content for each demographic sections.

LinkedIn Calendar

As we know, always preplanning is better than last minute rushed. Use this LinkedIn calendar to schedule your post and with this you can prepare content earlier, can find time to write article that worth reading and to promote any webinar for engagement.

Tips for uploading posts in LinkedIn

  1. Rich images and videos:

Commonly images and videos are the agitator to trigger sales in social media.

This holds the same in LinkedIn. The posts with images receive 98% more comments than one without it. It allows photo collages of 3 to 4 images within single post.

You can also upload PDF, PowerPoint or slideshow presentations to guide your posts.

  1. LinkedIn Native Video:

Tailor your video campaigns for brand awareness, increase views and engagement. There are two campaigns known to be sponsored campaign and direct sponsored campaign. The former is to promote video content in LinkedIn page to showcase your work and later is to personalize or test video ads to specific audience without publishing in the LinkedIn page. This native video auto plays when someone scrolls by it.

LinkedIn Algorithm

How to audit your reach? To make sure your content is reached as much user as possible with this algorithm. The main goal of this algorithm is to prioritize relevant content and to promote engagement.

By default, LinkedIn home page displays top content but still members have options to sort with top or recent content. As per its old algorithm only mega users convert their content to viral. Average users remains less interactive and less motivated to post.

To overcome this disparity, now LinkedIn displays the posts of the person you know and related content that you care about more in the homepage.


Right time to post   

Are you looking for the perfect time to post in LinkedIn to reach more?

Just look at this time list to promote your business.

  • m., 10.45 a.m., 12.45 p.m. and 5.45 p.m.

For B2B Brands – the best day is Wednesday.

For B2C Brands – the best day is Monday and Wednesday.

Use LinkedIn polls, strong and relevant content and right hash tags.

Wonder! What are LinkedIn Polls?

This is a kind of utility App that helps to gather data from the connections and others regarding their interests, Hobbies and buying Habits. Most of the small firms are looking for this option to generate leads, engage with their colleagues and customers and to do market research.

This app features easy interface and multiple style format poll designs that facilitate easy distribution and quick design. You can also share this pole in your website or through email. Use the calendar option while creating to poll to make it expire after specific time. You can decide when and where to display your poll.

LinkedIn Live

It allows an individual or an Organization to go live with their customers or connections to drive more engagement and to broadcast their video content. Live videos get 7x more reactions and 24 x more comments than normal image or videos content given by same broadcasters.

In LinkedIn, You can create events to make more active followers since 87% of the users prefer online content which they found little difficult to read or go through.

Use this splendid option to uncover the ideas about your product or services and feed them with enthusiastic and interesting content beyond your business. To stay ahead of the pack use this option to expose your thoughts and nature of your work and make the colleagues and head to go live to show their flair towards work and to launch your new project directly with the customers and connections to make them feel integral.

LinkedIn Analytics

This is similar to the other analytical tool in other social media platforms we discussed so far. This will also calculate the number of visitors, follower and visitors and also provide information to improve social media ROI.


Pinterest, renowned to be the “visual search engine”. Although it is started as a social network with boards, later Pinterest has put increasing emphasis in visual search since the name.

Promoted Pins

Pinterest advertise your business, products or user’s interests in the form of promoted pins. Promoted pins are based in the form of things done on Pinterest or results of visiting the advertiser’s website or app. Here it entertains users by offering them search with images instead of word. I found this is as more engrossing way to stand out among their competitors.


Pins are nothing but the bookmarks that people used to save ideas they interested in or love to use. As a business, you can create the pins to describe your ideas and products and you can also link it to your website.

Advertiser Account

If you are in the region where Ads are not available, then switch on to the business account using this you can run ads on Pinterest. You can create multiple ads on business account as many as 10 ads per account to support currencies, payment methods and to improve the systemization of your ads.


Act as Virtual Storefront

This attracts vast amount of business, especially retailers to create page aims to promote their organization online since it act as a virtual storefront. Pinterest never fails to focus on customer experience so to enhance their search it introduce the new tool called “Rich Pins” through which business can include various topics and data such as price of the products ,movie ratings or ingredients for recipes. It also enables direct purchase from Pinterest using “Buyable Pins” so called Product Pins. It also personalized shopping with “more from” option with which one can input range of product pins from same business.

Pinterest Analytics

This is highly useful for marketers to alter their strategies if it doesn’t work or fails to reach crowd with the results of this analytical tool. The Pins, Pinners, repins, repinners are some characteristic of user data that Pinterest Analytic tool provides.

It collects the data that indicates the percentage of change in specific time, to determine whether the product is popular on a specific day or slowly losing its grace. This analytical tool helps the marketers to change their visual content to become more appeal in Pinterest to gain more Popularity.

The “Most Clicked” tab is another incredible recourse to demonstrate the products that are more likely to sell.

Pinterest Algorithm

If you’re not marketing currently in Pinterest, then you’re missing the popularity queue and hiding your magnet to attract revenue; this justifies its work as it name specified.

You don’t want create separate content for Pinterest; all you need is to think of a catch pin for your existing website content.

I will elaborate you the Tactics to how effectively one should perform in Pinterest

  1. Hand-Pick keywords:

Keywords pivotal role in marketing Brand. Business should reconsider in choosing their title and description to market their brand in order to yield great reach. How crisp and defined your pin name will pull through the lack of engagement.

  1. Timely response

The lots of business ignoring the very significant process of engagement in Pin activity, Where all should have more focus to reply to your users comments that is what they expect more from your side and give them better feel and create trust once noticed by your this every business’s onus to provide their customer immediate response which is the signal to engagement.

  1. Automate content tool

There are lots of tools available to automate your content. I am here listed top listed tool that you could utilize to automate your content.

  1. Active Campaign
  2. Autopilot
  3. Hubspot
  4. SendInBlue
  5. CoverKit
  6. Omnisend
  7. Rejoiner

These content automation tools helps you to schedule the content for specific time or for particular date. It will automatically get updated to the particular site as you desired. Social media posting scheduler is very useful for the marketers to manage and organize the content and can pre write the content to attract targeted audience. This tool save your time and avoid unnecessary confusion in finalizing the content in last minute and bypass this tedious task.

When all is said and done beyond the reasonable doubt the Pinterest going to serve it purpose competently. Forasmuch as the mass of Pinterest is growing rapidly day by day as of the current status it has more than 291 million monthly active users see, how far you can reach with this social media marketing platform.


Snapchat is it a good idea what should you do to start it and really what are the best uses for Snapchat when you have it in use for a business so I think that there is a few things about Snapchat that make it interesting and a few things that make it not so interesting

so from a perspective of content it is a platform that you have to be very active in because you don’t have a history of content so if you’ve never used Snapchat before go to the App Store download it you can see what the content looks like but it’s only there for 24 hours so which means, you have to constantly be updating it now I think that you can build out some really cool content types for Snapchat.

Snapchat is used primarily for engaging with your friends and family. in general it’s not the same as Instagram where there’s hash tags and searches and you can follow hash tags on Instagram and you can fall Hash tags on stories and that way you can keep up with new content that’s coming out.


Snapchat for Business

If you are going to be using it for your business, suggestion number one is that you use Snapchat as an engagement platform to build depth of context and I would say that having really high-quality curated content on Snapchat is probably not the way to go. Use Snapchat as a bus behind-the-scenes platform and really help people to get a greater depth of knowledge when it comes to who is in your business and what you guys are all about so you know using Snapchat to show stuff that’s going on in the office.

Little Ideas to yearn a good reach

  1. Contest

  When it comes to marketing you can hold a contest where the prize is something that’s related to your business it may be a product that you sell or a service that you provide. Let’s say you’re a coach or a consultant and you can give away something like free mentoring to the person that wins that specific contest now what’s the significance here is, obviously somebody is going to get a great value from this thing that they’re getting for free because they won this contest but it’s also educating the rest of your followers about something of value that you have. So maybe they didn’t win the prize but they are interested in that prize now they know even more about it you can share stories from how the winner is dealing with it or how they are getting so much value from it and that educates your audience about your product.

  1. Rewards

Rewarding people for recommending you to a friend and what you can do is you can add a snap to your story and let people know that you would love for them to encourage it to introduce you to someone that would find value from the content that you create. Automatically the person that referred them is automatically entered for that contest it’s a great way of getting the word out there by leveraging your current following

  1. Sharing Events

If you’re an event-based or a location-based business or else a party planner or something of that sort or you organize conferences or whatever the case might be you can use Snapchat as a way of showing your followers what is happening at these events ,in the conference and at the Meet ups. By doing that, your audience going to be more interested in what you do at those events especially, if it is entertaining or   it’s fun. It will provide a significant amount of value by sharing that in your story.

I hope from this article you might find some interesting facts and tips to utilize this social media marketing tools to boost your online presence and to intensify the business.

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