Best Social Media Marketing Company/Agency In Silk Board, Bangalore

Social media marketing Company Bangalore

Best SSM company in bangalore

We are the Social media marketing company in Bangalore because we take the utmost effort in understanding the mindset of the target audience of a particular business. Our strategies are built by careful analytics with recent trends and core understanding of our clients’ businesses to maximize their social media results. We provide effective guidance across the rapidly evolving digital landscape to ensure that company of our clients’ is able to tap into the essence and power of social media web to reach as many people as possible. We, at Piama Media Labs, ask you to utilize this valuable opportunity to build your company/business, brand, develop trust, communicate with your target audience and build a community across social media platforms, through partnership with us.

Why You Consider Social Media

Best Social Media Marketing Company/Agency In Silk Board, Bangalore

* The average daily time spent on social is 142 minutes a day

* Social networks earned an estimated $8.3 billion from advertising in 2015

* 58% of searches come from mobile Only

* The top 3 content marketing tactics are social media content (83%), blogs (80%), and email newsletters (77%)

* Facebook has 5 million active advertisers on the platform.

* 81% of all small and medium businesses use some kind of social platform

* Facebook now sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users

* Snapchat users also sees 8 billion average daily video views

* The average user spends 35 minutes on Facebook a day

* Twitter has 1.3 billion accounts, with 330 million monthly active users

Why You Should Consider Us

Best SSM company in bangalore

reliable and efficent

Our services are far more reliable and efficient than any other company in Bangalore, as proven time over time with our current clients. Don’t believe it? We would be happy to explain how over a brief call!

Pocket friendly services

Our prices are pocket friendly. Not only  we provide the best service, but also the most economic. As we cater to a range of companies, be it may big corporations or a site-less startup, we are always affordable. Where else do you find such deals?

5+ years of experience

Our SEO experts are equipped with the right kind of aptitude and information in understanding what is the need for the website as per the market demand.

Few of the critical steps that are considered by us for making social media marketing effective. It’s not about how many followers you have in Instagram but what is the level of engagement. Businesses building a loyal connection among your followers or your customers so that they not only follow you for few days but stars loving you, trusting you for days to come.

Creatingbrand awareness. To develop a niche on brand awareness, avoiding solely publishing promotional messages which appears like spam and are rejected by the algorithms. Instead, we create content which speaks more in terms of quality over quantity..

Achieve milestones Constant monitoring of the analytics is necessary because it reflects how the campaign is performing ,the level of engagement and what changes it requires so that it address the problem and solve it in real time.In Digital market place anything can change within fractions of seconds so what matters is real time monitoring, assessment and solution

Right promotion. Many brick-and-mortar businesses rely on social media marketing strategy that drives in-store sales. The important question is your brand promoting enough on social to entice folks to come see you? Are the customers alerted about what’s going on in your stores, including promotions and action shots of your store?

Improve ROI. Impact of social media campaigning doesn’t happen by accident. It needs careful planning, execution and follow up. The solution to this is careful auditing of the process and reviewing it so that the effort and expenditure goes in a streamlined direction rather than getting caught up in a riddle. The Digital market place specially the social media platform is like a mesh and once caught it’s difficult to find a way out of the mesh. Therefore,it demands precaution from the beginning because once you are caught it will do more harm than good.

So,stepping into this space you need the right combination and effective solution at the desired time and that’s where Piama Media Labs comes to the rescue because we are the domain experts in Social media marketing.

We have the right combination to help you out with:

Best Social Media Marketing Company/Agency In Silk Board, Bangalore

* business-oriented social profiles

* social media community management

* social media content creation & distribution

* social media advertising & media services

* social media strategy creation

* full service social media management,

* creates content for the post

* managing social media page for business-oriented social profiles

* social media community management

* social media content creation & distribution

* social media advertising & media services

* social media strategy creation,

Pocket friendly seo services

Best SSM company in bangalore


  • Keywords Plan - 8 Keywords
  • Minimum Contract Duration -6 Months
SEO Packages


  • Keywords Plan - 12 Keywords
  • Minimum Contract Duration -6 Months
SEO Packages


  • Keywords Plan - 20 Keywords
  • Minimum Contract Duration -6 Months
SEO Packages

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Best Social Media Marketing Company/Agency In Silk Board, Bangalore

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Frequently Asked Questions

Best SSM company in bangalore

In 2021 dark themes are on the upswing currently. Images set in a darker background stands out in detail and impact. This style was always popular in the UK and Scandinavia. It is now popular around the world.

Our creative team will contact you as soon as the brochure assignment is confirmed. We will establish specifications and arrive at a clear working brief. We will also guide you on the content that will go into the brochure, the various sections, pages and the flow of information.

Prior to commencing work on a project, we will provide a detailed quote with break down on cost and time estimates on design. We will start work only on your approval.

You can make as many revisions as you like to your design. Our team will be glad to advice you with our expert ideas during the course of development. Collaboration is the key to achieve a professional, high quality brochure design.

We have an extensive library of images that can be used in the brochure design. When a specific image is required that is not available in our library, we will purchase this image for you. We will present cost details beforehand for your approval.

Generally, pictures on website are low resolution and will break up into pixels on a brochure. We will look at the pictures and determine if they can work.

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