SEO Trends In 2020


1.SEO trends in 2020– First is to have a secure website with a security certificate. If you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website then it will be a disadvantage with regards to the rankings. But in 2020 essentially Google at some point will most likely stop ranking websites that are not secure. So what is a secure website and what is an SSL certificate? So essentially what it is is a third-party organization that is certifying that the information on your website is secure and that the information is encrypted for your users.
So to actually get an SSL or security certificate it’s simple and you can actually get a free one from organizations like open SSL. So once you do this what will happen is that your URLs will begin with HTTPS instead of HTTP. This ensures your website is secure and it increases trust with your users so there have been advances exponentially with regards to site security and this will continue to advance in the future and it will be more simple as time goes on. But for right now having a secure website HTTP with a security certificate is mandatory for 2020.
SEO Trends In 2020
2. So the trend we are going to discuss today is nothing new its artificial intelligence or AI search engines like Google and Bing have been investing a tremendous amount of resources. In that new technology and we’ve seen the impacts of such this year especially. if we take into account some recent Google updates such as BIRT which was focused on natural language processing the thing about these kinds of an update is that we can’t really build strategies around them but we need to adapt for them. We can’t really counter natural language processing we need to adapt our content and our strategies in order to continue providing relevant content to our users.

3. We need to have an emphasis on structured data and creating content for your websites so in 2020. Google’s going to be facing more search market competition than they’ve seen really in over a decade. We see that Amazon Alexa holds nearly double the market share in smart home speakers that Google home does and although still very small in absolute terms.

So the reality is that Google’s competitive advantage no longer strictly lies in the accuracy and quality of its search results. But more so in the user experience that they’re able to bring to the table and especially as users move more and more onto mobile devices they become more and more impatient so what this means is Google. They want to keep their user base happy they want to provide an experience that is the as little amount of as few clicks as possible and what this essentially means is Google. They figured out a way to do this they take the short summary that describes the answer that users are looking for and they place it right there on the search engine result page.

4. You’ve seen plenty of these you’ve seen quick answers you’ve seen frequently asked questions and what this means is that we’re moving slowly into a sort of 0 click paradigm where users make a search and they find the results right there on the search engine result page. So what this means long term is that we’re going to see an increasing emphasis and interest in creating video content.

You can directly monetize on YouTube and you can take that opportunity to again made that brand awareness and include cults calls to action. An increased emphasis on more rich content in the form of stuff like info graphics. Well, it’s definitely not new it’s another tool in the content marketers’ toolbox that they can use to combat the fact that more and more searches are going without clicks in 2020.

5. Another SEO trend that’s going to be super important in 2020 is not only to make sure that your website is secure but that the information on your website is safe and reliable. So in 2020, we’re predicting that the quality of your content will be an increasingly important ranking factor. So these types of factors are signals that Google is looking for to determine the quality of your website is represented by the acronym 8.

So let’s delve right into what it stands for and essentially where it comes from so each is described in quite a lengthy and quite lengthy detail in Google’s quality rater guidelines.

So it stands for expertise Authority and Trust so by implementing several practices and principles represented by the acronym eat your website can send signals to Google that your website is an authority and expert in your domain and as well that it has safe and trustworthy information. so this is most important for websites that are either in the health or financial industry but essentially applies to all websites.

So if we start with expertise what’s super important about expertise is that on your website whether it be a blog page or a service page or product page that the information is coming from a direct expert at the information is trustworthy. it’s also important that this information meets the needs of users it’s not only important that it comes from an expert. But that it really is practical with regards to authority is with regards to how many times people will reference your content from outside sources or other credible sources. And finally, trustworthiness is really putting a face to your website or a group of people that are representing the expertise in your industry, including information about this one person or group of people such as their education their qualifications their background and any place where they. You know are on the Internet which shows that they’re a trustworthy source this is an important thing to do on your website in order to build your website’s reputation.

So these are all factors that Google and search engines will use to determine the quality and safety as well as expertise of the content on your site. In the search engine result page using emotional language as opposed to power words in your meta titles and meta descriptions that service a need and resonate with users as well as using the effective and enticing call to actions.

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SEO Trends In 2020

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